YMCA Adventure Guides

Chippewa Circle Girls Web Site
Greetings Fellow Chippewa Dads and Daughters!

Welcome to the Chippewa girls website.  Here you will find information on the
Chippewa Circle's activities as well as the Warren YMCA Adventure Guides
programs, in general.

It's most valuable feature will be as a place for sharing photos, videos, and
written memories of our activities together.  I encourage all dads and daughters
to share their stories and pictures with me, so that I can post them to the site.  

One of the things that early explorers and adventurers did so well was
document their journeys and discoveries.  We should do the same.

Email any written or photo
journal entries to me at pete@miscience.org.  I will
post them as soon as possible.

Here is to a great year of new adventures and learning!

Click on the photo for a short
movie from a spring campout a
few years ago at Camp
Manitoulin.  You'll be able to
smell the steaks cooking in the
last scene
Click on the Journal buttons at the top to link to photos from prior

A calendar with important dates to mark down now is below.
Calendar of Events
Aug 7
YMCA Guides Picnic
Patterson Park - Gr. Pte. Park
Chippewa Planning Meeting
Oct 12 - 14
Girls Fall Campout
Camp Manitou-lin - Middleville, MI
Oct 27
YMCA Halloween Party
Warren YMCA
Nov 17
March in GP Santa Claus Parade
Streets of GP
Dec ??
Christmas Cookie Decorating
for Senior Shut-ins
?? Home
Dec ??
Deliver Cookies and Caroling
Homes of Shut-in Seniors
Jan 11
Family Night (Swimming, climbing
wall and more!)
Boll YMCA - Detroit, MI
Feb 8 - 10
Girl's Winter Campout
Camp Timbers - West Branch, MI
March 15
Kett Car Races
Warren YMCA
April 18 - 20
Girls Spring Campout
Camp Cavell - Lexington, MI